Best Bitcoin PTC Sites 2021

 All you need to know about Bitcoin PTC sites.

Paying PTC Sites Highly Did you know that you can get bitcoins from PTC sites? For those who haven't heard of the acronym PTC, Paid to Click (PTC) are sites that pay you to view your ads. The procedure is simple, clean and you do not need any investment to make money online (bitcoin). Remember, you make money from the comfort of your own home. This online business model has been successful because it has made a lot of people think about the world. There are many online bitcoin PTC sites on the market today, but how many are legitimate and genuine? We are going to talk to you about how to register, how it works, the requirements, and how you can increase your revenue on these PTC sites. Read on for more information

Best Bitcoin PTC Sites 2021

How do Bitcoin PTC sites work?

Paid sites act as a business middleman between advertisers and site members. Typically, advertisers or online marketers need a lot of traffic to their blogs to promote their products and services. Therefore, they seek traffic from bitcoin PTC sites that initially have a large number of registered users around the world. This is because these users are always ready to see a new ad. Thus, clicking on sites provides more traffic than paying a bitcoin, which requires online advertisers and marketers in exchange for a bitcoin (satoshi). The sites then distribute bitcoins every day to pay for the viewership of the ad. For every click you make on these legitimate sites, you will earn from 0.001 mBTC to 0.05 mBTC depending on the membership you choose.

How to Register to Get Free Bitcoin?

Note that, we recommend some pay-per-click bitcoin sites because we've tested these sites for you before publishing them. This means you won't have to worry about getting paid. Registration for these sites is easy and straightforward. All you need to do is complete the registration form and verify your email ID. After signing in, you'll be logged into your account and then see every available ad. By clicking on the ad, you will receive a bitcoin, and you will also see that the bitcoin (Satoshi) is credited to your account after you have viewed the ad for a specified period. Will Each ad is usually shown in 5-30 seconds, although payments may vary depending on the ad.

List of best and highest paying Bitcoin Paid To Click sites

BTC Clicks

Ads per day – Up to 30

Pay per click – Up to 0.004 mBTC

Minimum Payout – 0.0001 BTC


Ads per day – Up to 100

Pay per click – Up to 0.005 mBTC

Minimum Payout – 0.0004 BTC


Ads per day – Up to 40

Pay per click – Up to 0.001 mBTC

Minimum Payout – 0.0002 BTC


Ads per day – Up to 20

Pay per click – Up to 0.05 mBTC

Minimum Payout – 0.00025 BTC


Ads per day – Up to 100

Pay per click – Up to 0.01 mBTC

Minimum Payout – 0.0006 BTC


Ads per day – Up to 25

Pay per click – Up to 0.0018 mBTC

Minimum Payout – 0.00012 BTC

Btc Vic

Ads per day – Up to 20

Pay per click – Up to 0.001 mBTC

Minimum Payout – 0.00050 BTC


Ads per day – Up to 30

Pay per click – Up to 0.2 mBTC

Minimum Payout – 0.000150 BTC

How can you increase your earnings?

Paid-to-click sites pay way less (0.001 mBTC to 0.05 BTC) for each ad you watch as compared to other online bitcoin-making opportunities. The best solution to this problem is finding the best way to improve your PTC earnings. The solution is also not complicated; you only need to ensure you log into the account every day and view all the ads available. For high chances of getting more ads login at least 2-3 times a day. You should also get premium membership and direct referrals to increase your earning. Premium membership allows you to view more ads.

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